Exercise is a terrible weight loss plan

Ok how many of you just gasped?

Be honest. I know, this seems wrong and against everything you've ever heard but stay with me here.

How many times do we get motivated to lose weigh and the first thing we do is find the next best workout program? Or we immediately start running/hitting the gym/joining CrossFit, etc?

Probably most of the time right? Then you decide to eat clean, or low carb or take salads for lunch but find with the change in diet and the increase in exercise you're starving, emotional and give up before long.

It's not your fault!

You're not a failure, you're not mentally weak, you're not bad at this and all those other things you've been telling yourself. Exercise is a terrible way to lose weight. Notice I didn't say exercise is bad, it's just not a good way to drop some pounds. When we exercise, our body burns through glycogen stores, dehydrates us and makes us hungry and thirsty. Thinking you've been hungrier because you've been working out isn't you being cuckoo for cocoa puffs, it's true! Your body wants to maintain homeostasis, so naturally when you burn more calories, your body wants to make up for it by consuming more.

So what actually works better?

Focusing on your nutrition or your input rather than your exercise or output. We can easily adjust your nutrition (eat more or less) but asking someone to add an hour of cardio into their already busy day to burn 100 calories can be a bit much. Asking you to not eat 100 calories could be as simple as measuring that handful of almonds and eliminating half before you eat them. And once you reign in the eating, you can incorporate exercise feeling fueled and hydrated which makes it much more enjoyable.

If you've been struggling with losing weight and find yourself hitting the treadmill, try looking for easy ways you can cut 100-200 calories a day by adjusting your eating.