You don't suck at commitment

When was the last time you set a goal and failed?

The way I see it, you're in one of two camps here. Either you've been setting goal after goal thinking you're so close to getting it right but you just can't achieve it and continue to make little tweaks here and there. Or you've been avoiding setting goals because you've decided you "suck at commitment." You don't want to be a failure, so if you don't set goals, you don't fail. Right?

I get it.

I used to regularly describe myself as sucking at commitment and I'd shy away from goals because the fear of failure is real. But here's the isn't actually us "sucking at commitment" that is keeping us from hitting our goals.

Most of the time, we get super ambition and motivated and make this awesome goal that would make us so happy to accomplish. But we ignore that fact that it's beyond our current skill set and is going to be pretty damn hard to achieve. This isn't a character flaw, and it's definitely not that you're a bad person or you just suck (oh yes, I have that voice in my head too..and it's wrong!)

So how do you fix this?

Come up with a strategy for your goal that is hard, yet practical. Break down your goal into something you really want but is manageable enough to do regularly.

For example, if your goal is to lose 25 pounds but you aren't even keeping track of your meals or cooking at home, a more achievable goal would be to start making 5 meals at home this week. Remember that saying you can run before you walk?